Low-cost Remodelling Ideas – Lakeland Tile Refinishing & Beyond | Elmondo Gallery

Low-cost Remodelling Ideas – Lakeland Tile Refinishing & Beyond | Elmondo Gallery

We cannot blame homeowners like you who suddenly withdraw from a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. Let us face it. While you want to add class to these areas, you suddenly drop the dream because the cost estimates are way above your league. 

But the best part of it is you do not have to say goodbye to your wish for an upscale looking bathroom floor and marble top. If you consider these tips and execute them, you can come up with a fancy looking bathroom or a classy kitchen, without slipping out of your budget. 

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Here is a guide on how to restyle that bathroom at the least cost:

Refinish Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom tiles may look outdated because of its color.  You want to improve it, but you are thinking about your budget. Instead of removing the old and replacing it with new ones, think of tile refinishing. Choose a sharp white or black hue. It will instantly transform your bathroom into a high class, almost hotel-like area. Refinishing is practical, inexpensive, and requires hours (not days) to finish.

Drop Traditional Tiling

It is time to drop the horizontal or vertical way of installing tiles. These are traditional ways that may look outdated. Instead, install tiles diagonally. This style will create a fancy-looking bathroom, one that escapes the ordinary. If your bathroom area is not that big, it will also result in a bigger-looking bathroom. 

And while you are at it, install tiles up to your bathroom ceiling, covering all walls with tiles. Designers suggest it to homeowners who wish to add scale and life to a previously plain-painted surface. 

The logic behind it is to go large-scale. While the type of tile you buy does affect the overall appearance, scaling up enhances it further. The two go together when you want some impact. Besides, a small bathroom will not cost a lot to retile. Also, if you are into DIY projects, it will give you additional savings because you are not paying any labor costs.

Change Lighting Fixtures

Another tip is to go for big lighting fixtures. And there are many types to choose from, including chandeliers and pendant lights. Since you are on a budget, you can make your glass pendant lighting. You can buy a cheap swag kit from a nearby hardware store and recycle an old glass terrarium. Drill a hole up to two inches in diameter through the bottom metal base of the old terrarium. Install the swag kit, put the bulb socket in place, and fit in the light bulb. Install a hook at the center ceiling of your bathroom. Hang the recycled terrarium upside down. Now you have a classy pendant light for a few bucks. 

Install Offbeat Mirrors

Anything that is out of the ordinary draws attention. You can achieve this by adding a mirror that is offbeat. What makes a mirror extraordinary or unconventional? A mirror with an irregular shape is one. An antique style mirror is another. But if you choose to stick with your old bathroom mirror, why not refurbish it. Apply spray paint on the frame with classic colors like gold or silver. You can go for Moroccan too. Purchase a faux tin ceiling tile (a few pieces will do) with a Morrocan theme. Cut through it to make a frame. Make sure to make a bigger frame to add drama. Remove the old mirror frame and replace it with the tin tile. 

Your newly refurbished mirror not only serves its purpose. It is a decorative piece that enhances the visual space and overall look of your bathroom as well. 

Go Metallic

Remember the 70s and the 80s?  These were the years when brass and metals were the in thing, including decors. Well, they are sort of back in the game, and it seems that they are here to stay for a long while. Why not add a touch of metal? As a home accent, metal is considered a neutral decor. Metal colors come in brass, copper, silver, or gold. 

Gold tones add glamor and elegance in any area of your home, including the bathroom. They exude a warm yet polished look. But be picky with the shade of gold. Ignore tones that are too loud and glaring for the eye. Pick brushed golds over greenish gold. The latter looks outdated. 

It is inexpensive to decorate with metals. You can try a few gold accent pieces such as soap dishes, towel rings, and even shower curtain rings. You can refurbish your own by repainting these small articles with gold, chrome, or silver. It is cheaper to refinish than to buy new fixtures. 

Hang A Single Piece of Art

Adorn your bathroom wall, but pick one that is big enough to attract attention. Also, a single piece is enough for a small bathroom. What is a big-enough size? According to a designer, a piece of art that measures about five feet by two feet or thereabout will do wonders. Since the bathroom is generally a moist area, make sure that your piece of art is protected. 

Black and white photos and prints sealed on the front (with glass)  are examples of good bathroom decor. So are ceramics and sculptures. These items are sturdy enough to withstand mildew. 

Switch Curtains

Do not get stuck with shower curtains. You may use real curtains. Yes, fabric curtains. There is a lot to choose from, but if you want a classy look, go for curtains that look like silk. You might have one that you are not using and is at the far end of your cabinet. Bring it out and put it to use for instant glam and shine. Make sure to install a shower liner beneath it. If you want to play safe, pick a fabric that of polyester or vinyl. These fabric types will stand up to moisture.  

If you hate washing curtains, there are alternatives for you. You just have to use your imagination. Think out of the box.  Look around thrift shops, vintage stores, and homes that announce yard sales.  Fencing material, light metal, and bamboo panel can take the place of a shower curtain. Bamboo is attractive, and several stalks bonded together to create a tropical vibe.  Treat the bamboo stalks properly. Otherwise, it will rot from long-term exposure to water and moisture. 

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Now let us move on to the focal point of your home – the kitchen. You believe you deserve a dream kitchen after working so hard. And since you love to cook, entertain friends, and bond with the kids while teaching them how to bake cookies, you always imagine yourself doing all these in a brand new kitchen. But the thing is, the kitchen is the most expensive to remodel. Bathroom and roofing rank second and third, according to a survey. 

But do not feel hopeless. There are so many ways to transform your old kitchen into an upscale one without spending too much.

Apply Paint on Countertops

A granite countertop is one of the sturdiest, but they do not come in cheap. While laminate countertops are less expensive, it wears easy, especially if it is subject to everyday abuse. Fortunately, there are new products that allow you to repaint wood and laminate countertops. These are textured paints when applied to a surface that could mimic a natural stone appearance. Visit your local hardware and ask for these. They also come in untextured types if you opt for a plain solid color. 

There are ready-to-use kits that will help you create a marbled effect on your countertop, and they cost not more than a hundred bucks. But if you are averse to spending this amount, you can do it yourself. Make the time to clean the countertop because if there is any dirt behind, it will create issues later on. Use the veining method. Paint the countertop with a solid light color. Then dab water over it with a soft brush and make vein-like streaks. 

Another alternative is marbled epoxy countertop refinishing. Coat your countertop with epoxy, and you will notice that your worn-out countertop will look like new again. Epoxy resin is durable. It will stand up to scratches, and it will not get dull for a long time. It will not lose its luster even if applied with most surface cleaners. It looks a lot like marble but without the outrageous expense of the real stone.

Transform the Backsplash

Most homeowners repaint kitchen cabinets when remodeling a kitchen. But, do not forget the backsplash. This part of the kitchen makes a huge impact when done the right way. Many expert designers say it is one of the kitchen areas you will want to spend on. 

If you want to show your unique style, the backsplash is the best place to start. Subway tiles are popular among modern homes. But, if you want to save money, you do not have to purchase expensive tiles. There are substitutes for it when you want to redo the backsplash. One example is a lime-based water repellent plaster. It is easy to apply, versatile, and budget-friendly. 

This type of plaster is washable, provided that you coat with natural wax.  Do you want a distressed look?  Use muted colors. Apply plaster in two coats. Compact the last then apply the wax. What you get is a pearly surface, something between matte and glossy.

Paint or Upgrade Cabinets

One of the cheapest remodeling tricks is to repaint. Kitchen cabinets are one of those areas that get stained and damaged easily. Before repainting, apply a stripping agent. Then, repair scratches and cavities. Sand the surface properly. Afterward, choose a semi-gloss enamel paint.  Apply this enamel to produce a smooth surface finish. If you see that the wood is exposed, add another coat of paint. 

Once you finish painting, use paste wax on the cabinet to protect the surface further. Once dry, reinstall the cabinet doors. To make it more appealing, you can replace the outdated cabinet handles with ones with a sleek metal finish. 

Another option is to remove the cabinet doors. A kitchen that is heavy with cabinets looks tight and dense. Open shelves are more popular nowadays because they create a light and airy appeal. It also brings out a semi-industrial vibe. Just make sure that you keep it clean and organized all the time.

Entice With Fragrance

A kitchen must smell good too. Do away with scented candles. Some can be toxic and smell cheap.  Why not buy an inexpensive diffuser. They may come with perfume-grade oils. Choose a scent that is mild since a strong one can be annoying. A diffuser spreads your chosen scent to your entire kitchen. You can create your own instead of buying from the store.

Decorate With Plants

The cheapest way to enhance your kitchen is to bring in plants. But do not make the mistake of putting them up high on cabinet tops. This style is very outdated. 

Pick your favorite plant. An English Ivy, for instance, is a lush vine that will look good indoors. A window that faces the south is the best place to incorporate plants. If your window is on the east or west, this is fine, although the sunlight in this area will not be as intense. Either way, you may choose plants that will thrive in low light.

Other plants that are good for the kitchen include Aloe Vera, Chinese Evergreen, African Spear, and White Jasmine, among others.

Put herbs near your sink too. Dill, Basil, Rosemary, and Thyme are good to keep handy. They will look good in small dainty pots that are painted white. You can also stick a strip of chalkboard on the painted pots to label the herbs.

Keep This in Mind

Family, friends, and guests get drawn to the kitchen. It is one of the best places to converge and bond. That is why it is known as the heart of the home. On the other hand, people view bathrooms as a place to relax and unwind. That is why a clean, organized, and good smelling bath is a must for every home. 

If you have budget constraints but still want to pursue remodeling, go ahead with these kitchen and bathroom improvements in mind. Do not delay it further or keep your family and friends waiting. It is now, or never.